What Special Message Do Whales and Dolphins Have for Humanity?

I love to read, but it has sure been quite a while since a book kept me up ‘til the wee hours, especially with my very full schedule! The Emissary, by one of my favorite authors, Patricia Cori, kept me up way too late until I finished it regretfully today.

Patricia Cori

Patricia Cori on Having It ALL!

After 11 non-fiction best sellers including Atlantis Rising and Before We Leave You, Patricia has written a screen play, which became this new and very exciting novel about psychic. Jamie Hastings, chosen as The Emissary by the whales and dolphins, the musicians of the oceans, to save them and the world from a diabolical plot . The Emissary, uses fiction to remind us that time is running out and we must be the protectors of our oceans and our planet!

Called a “real life Indiana Jones” by fans and readers around the world – Patricia Cori is an inspiring icon of truth and a living model of the adventurous spirit and seeker within us all. Internationally acclaimed author Patricia Cori is one of the most well-known and established authorities on the realms of the mystic – views of the world and multidimensional reality that challenge the status quo.

She has been a key voice in the alternative media for decades, and a contactee who has brought paradigm-busting information to the public since 1996, contributing a wealth of material to the new thought community.



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Your Power is in the NOW!

Business man hand holding timesDid you know that all your power is in the NOW?  There’s no power that you had that you no longer have and there’s no power that you will have in the future.  All your power, all your strength and all your joy are here, right now, just waiting for you to claim it.


This is something I’ve come to realize more and more.  Everything I need, everything you need, is here for you right now.  Take a moment and think about it.  At this very instant, do you have any unsolvable problems?  Relax in the NOW because in this exact instant, you can tap into the the power of the Universe, where everything is perfect.


If you consider that right now, all is well, you’ll be able to see things through the lens of peace and power and that sets you up to continue to experience both.  Okay, maybe tomorrow things might be different but you’re not in tomorrow yet, you’re here in the now.  Lots of things can happen between now and tomorrow that will change your circumstances.


You’re power is in the moment and there is where you will also feel  joy.  That’s not a coincidence.


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Would You Rather Be Right or Be Happy?

Senior couple portraitThere was a time when I was offended if others didn’t see things from my perspective. I thought there was only one ‘truth’ and that was how things were!

As you can imagine, life wasn’t easy! I didn’t know that by committing myself to being right, I was only seeing things from my perspective. This created friction, frustration, and fractured my relationships.

I didn’t know that we all have unique filters through which we to see ourselves, others and the world in a particular way, that may or may not match someone else’ perspective.   When your partner is convinced that his perspective is right and you feel the same way, your relationship may hit an impasse, creating hurt, pain and miscommunication.

Changing your perspective will help you stop judging yourself and others and instead, look for further information and clarification.

When you release your belief that ‘it’s ‘my way or the highway,’ and look at the situation from their vantage point, you will see how alternative ways of viewing the situation can alleviate negative emotions.  It’s a great way to challenge what you believe and open yourself to new or different perspectives. This can, in turn, create a greater awareness and sensitivity, and more harmonious relationships.

You may find yourself much happier!


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Hocus, Pocus, Hold Your Focus!

the-magic-art-of-letting-go-4We’re in February now, so how is 2014 going for you so far? Are you finding it challenging to stay on track?

In January I created a list of goals and commitments I’d like to accomplish by years end. Then life got in the way! My constant travel and a steady stream of visitors have proven incredibly distracting. What about you? Are you distracted, frustrated or tempted to give up on your commitments to yourself?

Don’t do it!

You can do, have and be anything you want.  Quantum science has proven that we are 99% pure potential energy. We are much grander than our physical bodies. Even bigger than the Universe!

What are some things you can do to embrace and step into your grandeur?

Are you paying attention to your vibrational frequency?  The energy you send out is what comes back to you, so pay attention to how you’re feeling.  If you’re feeling down, raise your vibration through appreciation and positive thoughts, so your life will reflect your positivity.

Are you practicing self-care?  January had a strong push to accomplish your goals, especially if you took time off for the holidays.  Hold that commitment, but don’t forget that you need rest, good food, exercise, love and positive attention for yourself, and from yourself.  Take care of you first and trust that everything else will follow.

If you are still hanging on to leftover “stuff” from last year, it’s time to let it go or you’ll carry it forward.

Whatever you need to do, take the time to love yourself and hold your focus.  You deserve a great 2014!


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Do You Have Everything You Need Right Now to be Happy?

??????????????????I found myself thinking the other day about how far I’ve come from being the powerless victim of circumstances of my long ago past. Had anyone told me then that most of my suffering was only in my mind, I would have refused to believe it. I didn’t know then that I could choose different thoughts, or that I could shift my perceptions to see things differently. I didn’t know I could stay in the present.

If you are feeling tense, anxious or if things just seem “not right”, take a moment to get really present and ask yourself if right now, in this exact place in time, if you have everything you need.

Not need for tomorrow or next week or even at the end of the day but right now.  Do you have exactly what you need right now?  In most instances, you’ll find that the answer is yes.

Most of your suffering is created by remembering unpleasant events in the past (that you are concerned might be repeated) or worrying about the future.   There are very few times when you are fully present and living in the moment that things aren’t as they should be in that moment…and that everything is fine.

The next time you’re feeling anxious about your circumstances, take a deep breath and become aware of what you need and what is happening that very moment.  Chances are, you’ll realize you are fine so don’t borrow trouble from the future or bring it back up from the past.


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Are you Living YOUR Life?

Gratitude and JoyWe’re into the third week of the new year already so how are things going for you?

Are you finding life happening quickly and easily or does it feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle?

I remember growing up, trying to please my family by doing things that didn’t feel good to me. It wasn’t right for me to live according to their rules. What about you? Are you living your authentic life?  Living, working and playing in authenticity is the key to having things go your way.  Life tends to fall into place with doors of opportunity opening consistently when you are who you are meant to be instead of a poor imitation of someone else.

As you go about your week, ask yourself these key questions to determine if you’re living authentically.  “Am I doing what I want to do or what other people expect from me?”  “Am I making this decision from fullness and love or from scarcity and fear?”  “If time and money were no object, would I say yes to this decision?”

Staying on track and being authentic can take awhile to get used to since most of us have been programmed to do what it expected or what will gain approval from others.  That, however, is not living YOUR truth. By not being authentic you sidestep your path to joy and fulfillment.

Who do you know yourself to be?  Use this as a basis for your all your decisions and great things will start to happen.

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Align Yourself for Success

Happy womanWhat are you most excited about for the coming year?


This is the time of year when most people make plans, dream big and start thinking about how they can strategically make things happen.  You may have noticed that “making things happen” seems really easy for some people, while for others, it’s more grueling.  What’s the secret to making it easy?  Being in alignment.


When you’re looking to create the kind of life you want, it’s critical that you are doing whatever is most aligned with your deepest core values.  When what you’re doing isn’t what you most want or in sync with what’s important to you, you are out of alignment and that’s when things get difficult.


Your highest self is an intuitive genius that always has the answers and always knows what is best for you.  That’s why staying in alignment, with your head and heart connected, is so necessary to creating a life that feels magical and joyful.


Take some time today to get quiet and still and ask yourself the questions you feel need answers.  The answers are there if you’ll allow yourself the space to hear them.


Give Yourself a New Mindset!

Clear The ConfusionTry as you might, moving forward can be extremely difficult and sometimes, impossible if you don’t release the past. Let it go so you can heal.  Until you do, it’s almost impossible to fully embrace your future.


Forgiveness is the key to a future that is full of hope and different outcomes.  As Einstein famously said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”  As long as you are carrying forward the hurt, anger, shame or guilt associated with events from your past, you’re holding onto to the same mind set, while simultaneously hoping for a different future.


Give yourself the gift of a new mindset and forgive the people, places and things of your past so that you have a fresh, clean canvas of the mind to create new relationships and new experiences.  Forgiveness isn’t for other people, it’s for you.


When you truly forgive the things of your past, the door opens to love and love heals all things.  Now you can live through the lens of love and that will bring you joy.


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Get a New Perspective!

affection - old-new generationI love new experiences! They take you out of the ordinary and offer you the opportunity to see life with a new perspective.  My beautiful, almost two years old granddaughter is visiting this week. Seeing through her eyes gives me a fresh look at the ordinary, every day things I take for granted.


We’re now officially into the new year. It’s time to release the former year and commit to seeing last years challenges in a different light. Thinking of them as data, without any emotional attachment or judgment is one of the fastest ways to create a different outcome.


How do you shift to a new perspective?  Start with turning your “I can’t” statements into open ended questions that offer more opportunities.  For example, instead of saying, “I need more clients” (a factual statement), ask yourself, “What else can I do with my existing resources to get more clients?”  This slight shift in both thought and rephrasing can open your awareness to new possibility you hadn’t considered.


Seeing things from a different vantage point helps you shift focus away from your challenges into the realm of new possibilities.  Take the plunge and go for the shift!


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Ring in the NEW!

Happy New Year puppyIt’s here!  Time to ring in the new year!  Out with the old and in with the new!

Don’t you just love new beginnings?  It’s always such a great time to reflect, take stock and start thinking of what’s possible.  One of the things I love most about the beginning of a new year is that it allows me to release all the things of my past that no longer serve me.

When you look back at 2013, what do you see that you would like to release?  Maybe you’ve had to end relationships because they weren’t healthy for you.  Maybe you’ve let go of certain elements of your job that weren’t resonating with you.  Perhaps you’ve released unhealthy habits that aren’t good for your body or unhealthy thoughts and beliefs that aren’t healthy for your mind.

Whatever you’ve released or are going to release, the important thing is to make sure you really do release it and let it go.  When you do that, you create space for what’s possible, what’s good and what will create joy.


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