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MarBeth lovingly and skillfully navigated me thru issues which were blocking me from living a joy filled authentic life. Each session brought healing and a shift in my energy.  I felt totally safe and without doubt knew MarBeth was there to guide, protect, and encourage me thru the process.

MarBeth is a remarkable empath, and a profound teacher who gently helped me to see what needed healing, provided the healing and then taught me invaluable tools for my soul’s evolutionary journey.  She helped me gain the real wisdom, the clarity to change my life.

A combination of her laser like intuition, her pinpoint accuracy and mastery of energy work enabled me to have a powerfully transformative experience. I am lighter, happier, and filled with the fruits of “aha” moments! I am grateful and blessed for having had the opportunity to work with her. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!  I highly recommend her to individuals ready to call in their next, fuller expression of themselves.

Karen E.

San Francisco

I still am experiencing wonder about the work you did with me on the cruise, and how it shifted some of my feelings about things, and it’s wonderful!
M. G.

MarBeth was accurate and confirming. She was able to tap into a very special place to help guide me and shed light on a particular situation. Thank You MarBeth!


Your Gift has removed issues that would have taken years to uncover and process. You are also very good at identifying issues that I thought I had processed completely and released.

MarBeth has truly transformed my life. She gave me the tools to become a stronger more empowered woman capable of making better decisions and creating a more authentic, real life. She has helped me to discover my soul. Her warm and loving spirit is so comforting during any transformation process.
Julianna Quijano

Ft. Lauderdale

MarBeth Dunn is a remarkable empath who has the intuitive ability to feel in her own body what you are holding in yours. She gathers information instantaneously with astonishing accuracy and zeros in on your blockages and problem areas in order of greatest need.
You soon realize that she is connecting with you on multiple levels with deep understanding and empathy. What is immediately felt is the aura of love and non-judgment, which surrounds you, even if you are on the other end of a telephone thousands of miles away. There is no distance.

MarBeth has permanently changed my life. She will change yours!

Faith Seale

I came to MarBeth after I had just lost my mother and my job in the same week. I was terrified that I would be unable to find work or to support myself. I do not worry about this any more. I am able to see the positive in life and not the negative. I feel in control of my universe. I also feel an inner calm that I have not ever experienced before.
Josi Hausner

Sales Representative, New York

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