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small-red-heart Miracles are natural events that flow all the time when you are in the Source Zone.


small-red-heart When miracles are not flowing, it’s because you’re stuck in a lower vibrational frequency.


small-red-heart Miracles don’t flow when you are too attached to a certain outcome.


small-red-heart Attract miracles by vibrating in the frequency of love and joy.


small-red-heart You are innocent and pure.. always have been. Always will be.


small-red-heart You have never left Source.


small-red-heart The heart is the epicenter of Divine Love within you.


small-red-heart Resentment and anger can block your money flow.


small-red-heart Forgiveness is the key to a future full of hope.


small-red-heart Forgiveness is NEVER about the other person. It’s ALWAYS about you.


small-red-heart Without emotional attachment your thoughts are meaningless.


small-red-heart Love is in endless supply, no matter how much you give away.


small-red-heart Forgiveness opens new possibilities.


small-red-heart You ALWAYS have a choice. Choose Peace!


small-red-heart Give yourself the gift of a new mindset.


small-red-heart Forgiveness is not for other people… it’s for YOU!!


small-red-heart Forgiveness frees you to move forward.


small-red-heart I forgive the past and begin anew.


small-red-heart I am Unlimited Love, Unlimited Joy, Unlimited Peace and Unlimited Abundance.


small-red-heart Stop beating yourself up and be your own very best friend!


small-red-heart What do you like best about yourself?


small-red-heart Love yourself unconditionally…


small-red-heart Unforgiving keeps you powerless… Let it GO!


small-red-heart Today I release myself from all the stories that no longer serve me!


small-red-heart Today I relinquish all control and allow myself to be guided by Spirit.


small-red-heart You attract miracles by releasing your belief that you don’t deserve them.


small-red-heart When miracles are not flowing it’s because your energy flow is blocked.


small-red-heart Don’t try to create miracles… let your joyful energy attract them!

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