Do you know the difference between having a good idea and creating a vision? A vision will excite you, make you feel awake down to the soles of your feet, and feel almost ever present. A vision usually feels both exciting and scary and sometimes, you’ll secretly wonder if you’re just a tiny bit nuts. A good idea on the other hand, will feel pleasurable but more realistic and you may even find that you can move into action quickly. Visions tend to touch the soul so although it may feel good, you may find you’re having a little bit more of a challenge to move forward. This is normal so don’t worry!

A vision should be able to seamlessly work into every part of your life and feel natural when you filter it through your mind, body and spirit. A true vision will be in complete alignment with who you are, how you live (or want to live) and how you want to make a difference in the world. Yes, the “bigness” of your vision might create some fear, but when you “check in” you’ll find it FEELS right. Be aware of your feelings. If you really get into your heart space, (by placing your hands over your heart and bringing your awareness under your hands, and thinking of something you love) you should be able to clearly tell if you have a vision, or if you’re doing things simply because other people are telling you it’s the best thing to do. Your vision is yours so don’t be afraid to claim it!

Finally, make sure to hold your vision and be sensitive to outside opinions. People may mean well but they aren’t you, and it’s easy for others to project their fears, concerns or beliefs onto you. There’s a story of an eagle who was orphaned and raised by chickens. Every day, the eagle would look into the sky and see birds soaring through the clouds. He desperately wanted to fly and there was just something inside of him that told him he could do that if tried. Having been raised by chickens however, he was constantly fed the message that chickens don’t fly. So the eagle would longingly dream about what it must be like to glide through the air, looking down at the land and experience that kind of freedom. Sadly, he lived his entire life grounded because he listened, and believed what others were telling him. Had he only held his vision and tried to make it happen, he would have realized his dream of flying!
You are capable of what is put on your heart, otherwise, it wouldn’t there. “If you dream it, you can do it” may be a popular cliché but just like the eagle, clichés become clichés because they are often true. Maybe the vision you have right now is telling you it’s time to fly!

© 2013 – revised 2021 MarBeth Dunn – all rights reserved

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