Trust Your Body

happy summerHave you ever had the sense that something was ‘off’ when you met someone? But do you trust it?  Do you shrug it aside and say, “I must be mistaken. I’m sure they’re really nice,” but they may not be. They may have ulterior motives that your body is warning you about. It’s important to tap into that. When your body’s talking, it’s extremely important to listen to what it has to say.


I’ve noticed occasionally, when I leave my house, my chest will tighten, and it becomes hard to breathe. I finally came to realize I was Clairsentient. My body warns me in advance to head off uncomfortable situations. Now I can take action based on the information I receive from my body. It may be as simple as clearing the space before I get there, or harmonizing the energy between me and someone there. Once I do, my chest opens up and I breathe freely again.

Spend the time learning to tune into your body and notice what you’re feeling, without any judgment. What do you notice? (more…)

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