Is the common misunderstanding that money will increase your joy, keeping you stuck in a perpetual cycle of lack? People often tell me they would be happier if they had more money.  Yet contrary to popular thought, money isn’t wealth.  You are already wealthy in many ways. When you realize that, your energy around money will change.  Money is just energy. It isn’t inherently good or bad, nor does it have magical powers.   Here’s how you can enjoy the wealth you have right now and attract more into your life…

Define wealth – Your definition of wealth may have nothing to do with a surplus of money (it usually doesn’t).  Wealth is whatever you value most and see as your highest priorities.  For instance, if you have a close family and that’s very important to you, you have the wealth of family.  Do you have a career you love and that’s important to you?  That’s wealth.  What you value and see as priorities are where you find joy and where your wealth is.  Your house, travel, books, spirituality, relationships…the list could go on.  It doesn’t matter how any of this compares to what other people have or don’t have.  If you love, value and make these things in your life a priority, then they are your wealth.

Enjoy your wealth – It may sound cliché but when you are in a state of gratitude for what you have in your life today, it’s easier to attract more of what you want tomorrow.  While it’s human nature to focus on what you don’t have, take a look around and, using the filter described above, determine whether you already have “wealth”.  If what you have makes you joyful, and you have created a life that demonstrates your values and priorities, then celebrate!  Assess your wealth and  bask in it. Most people don’t want money for the sake of having money; they want it for the pleasurable experiences it can bring them.  When you realize how much wealth you already have, you’ll begin to sense a deep level of gratitude that, ironically, will allow you to generate more financial wealth.

Attract and increase your financial wealth – Now that you’ve defined, and are enjoying your current wealth, let’s talk about how you can get more financial wealth to expand your experiences (notice I didn’t say “improve” because that’s not necessarily what needs to happen).  To change your financial situation, tie money to whatever you value highly.  Ask yourself how money could enhance it.  For example, if you love to travel and are grateful for the travel opportunities you currently have, what would it be like to interweave more money into your traveling life?  Would you go to different places, travel more extensively, or incorporate different activities into the travel experience?

Notice the difference?  You’re not sad, or feeling lack.  Instead, you are joyful and appreciative of the travel you already do and are wondering how more money could enhance your experience!  Try this with each of the areas that you defined as having value and priority.  By allowing joy and gratitude for your present “wealth” to expand, and exploring ways additional money would enhance it, you are raising the priority of money in your value system, and pulling more of it into your life.  Money is just energy, neither positive or negative.  It’s value  lies in how it enhances what is truly important to you. As you recognize the benefits of incorporating money into your “wealth”, its value to you will increase, and your financial situation will improve.

Take a moment right now, to really see how abundantly wealthy you are in all the ways that matter to you and be joyful.  Everything else will come from that.

© 2012 by MarBeth Dunn – all rights reserved

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