Senior couple portraitThere was a time when I was offended if others didn’t see things from my perspective. I thought there was only one ‘truth’ and that was how things were!

As you can imagine, life wasn’t easy! I didn’t know that by committing myself to being right, I was only seeing things from my perspective. This created friction, frustration, and fractured my relationships.

I didn’t know that we all have unique filters through which we to see ourselves, others and the world in a particular way, that may or may not match someone else’ perspective.   When your partner is convinced that his perspective is right and you feel the same way, your relationship may hit an impasse, creating hurt, pain and miscommunication.

Changing your perspective will help you stop judging yourself and others and instead, look for further information and clarification.

When you release your belief that ‘it’s ‘my way or the highway,’ and look at the situation from their vantage point, you will see how alternative ways of viewing the situation can alleviate negative emotions.  It’s a great way to challenge what you believe and open yourself to new or different perspectives. This can, in turn, create a greater awareness and sensitivity, and more harmonious relationships.

You may find yourself much happier!


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