Hand and door.Have you ever noticed that nature abhors a vacuum?  When you experience a door closing in your life, you can be certain that somewhere a window is about to open.

Yes, I know you’ve heard this cliché before, but it’s really true.  It’s not possible to live in a world of abundance and not have plenty of opportunities.

That’s why a door closing is just one occurrence in one moment of time, and your window is about to fly open.

Doors close and windows open all the time, so be sure to stay in a high vibration to gratefully (and gracefully) accept all the “gifts” you are given.

There is always an abundance of opportunities just waiting for you to move forward and act, so that some of your grandest successes can occur.

Be sure to open yourself to the opportunities around you, be consciously aware of what you desire, and keep a steady focus, so you can move quickly from closed doors to open windows.

Remember, everything is conspiring in your favor.  You only need to be aware of it.


©2013 MarBeth Dunn and Destination Empowerment, Inc. All rights reserved

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