The power of being present is deeply profound yet often overlooked compared to the perception of the power of doing. Frequently, we want to do things for people when the best thing we can do is just be there with them, fully present.  Maybe you’ve heard this:

In a doctor’s waiting room, a young boy saw an old man sitting in a chair doing nothing.  The boy went over to the man and asked him why he was just sitting there.  “I’m thinking of my wife,” said the man.  “She died recently and I miss her.”  Without saying a word, they boy climbed onto the old man’s lap and the two of them sat there in silence.

When the boy’s mother looked up from her magazine, she was surprised to see her son and the old man sitting quietly.  She motioned for her son to come to her.  “What are you doing?” she asked him. “That man’s wife died recently and he was sad,” said the boy. “What did you say to him?” asked his mother.  “Nothing,” said the boy.  I just sat there and was sad with him.”

Presence is a noun not a verb.  Sometimes being is better than doing.


@ 2013 – MarBeth Dunn – all rights reserved.

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