Liberty Close UpAre you living independently… Another way of asking this is, are you living free?

As Americans celebrate Independence Day this week, it started me thinking about what it means to live a life of independence.

Living a life that is “independent” would probably be described by most people as living on your own terms and not beholden to anyone else.

When you are independent, you can make your own way in the world and take care of yourself.  Did you know there are other ways in which you can live independently?

I like the word “release”. When you release certain things that impede your joy, you can enjoy a life of independence.

Imagine a life independent from worry or fear or guilt.

Who would you be if you released the stories about who you think you are? What if you were independent from that event that happened to you or from people who hurt you?

Quite frequently, we become dependent upon our stories and what’s happened to us in the past.

When we do that, we aren’t living a life of independence because we’ve tethered ourselves to things that don’t serve us.

Let this be your Declaration of Independence…

Today I release myself from all the stories that no longer serve me!


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