I love to read, but it has sure been quite a while since a book kept me up ‘til the wee hours, especially with my very full schedule! The Emissary, by one of my favorite authors, Patricia Cori, kept me up way too late until I finished it regretfully today.

Patricia Cori

Patricia Cori on Having It ALL!

After 11 non-fiction best sellers including Atlantis Rising and Before We Leave You, Patricia has written a screen play, which became this new and very exciting novel about psychic. Jamie Hastings, chosen as The Emissary by the whales and dolphins, the musicians of the oceans, to save them and the world from a diabolical plot . The Emissary, uses fiction to remind us that time is running out and we must be the protectors of our oceans and our planet!

Called a “real life Indiana Jones” by fans and readers around the world – Patricia Cori is an inspiring icon of truth and a living model of the adventurous spirit and seeker within us all. Internationally acclaimed author Patricia Cori is one of the most well-known and established authorities on the realms of the mystic – views of the world and multidimensional reality that challenge the status quo.

She has been a key voice in the alternative media for decades, and a contactee who has brought paradigm-busting information to the public since 1996, contributing a wealth of material to the new thought community.



Ascending the Spiral of Light Workshop with Patricia Cori

Hear Patricia all this week on Having It ALL with MarBeth on the Law of Attraction Radio Network.  http://is.gd.havingitall!

And what’s even better, Patricia is giving her Ascending the Spiral of Light workshop and 12 strand activation in Miami next month, Memorial Day weekend, May 24 & 25th. 


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