Young woman meditating with eyes closedWould you say you’re more of a think or feeler?  Did you know that the best decisions usually come from working with a strong sense of both?

We’re born thinkers and thinkers get most of the credit.

How many times have you heard someone lauded for being an incredible feeler? Not many, I’m guessing.

You have probably heard someone talked about with great revere for being a really great thinker though, right?

Thinking things through can be a wonderful way to go through life… or is it?

Unfortunate things can happen if you only and always decide on emotion without thinking things through, OR, if you are only basing your decisions on logic.

Recognizing how you FEEL about something is also an important part of the decision making process.

How you’re feeling is your body’s reaction to what is happening, and this is commonly called your intuition or gut feeling.

It’s never a good idea to discount this because sometimes, things look great on paper but don’t pan out the way you expect.

Looking great on paper means everything seems to make sense and appears to be a result of sound thinking.

However, something inside of you can feel ill at ease, telling you that despite everything appearing to make perfect sense, this just won’t be a good thing to do.  The reverse can also be true.

So the next time you want to make an important decision, listen to your thoughts and your feelings.

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