Have you had a “teacher” who show up in your life at the perfect time to say or do exactly what you needed to learn?  The Universe will never fail to give you exactly what you need to learn, if you stay open about the way in which your teacher shows up.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive” and I know for me, there is inherent truth in that statement.  There are a few things you need to do to ensure that you are in a frame of heart and mind to receive both the teacher and the teachings.  Sometimes things show up far differently than we would like or expect!

It’s important to stay present to create a space that will allow your teacher to show up.  While it’s far too easy to get busy, trying to find what it is you’re looking for, letting go and moving only through inspired action is actually a better way to stay present. It will also help create space for what you want and need.  When you are present, you’ll start to notice that everything you need is actually found in the now.  It will be hard to see this though, if your heart and mind are in the future or in the past.  Enjoy the beauty of this moment, this day, and where you are right now.  Staying present is a “present” all its own, as you will begin to discover when you make a concentrated effort to do this.  The exact teacher you need, providing you with the exact lessons you need, are hovering nearby, waiting for you to notice them!

Another element of getting what you need when you need it, is to stay in service to other people.  There are a great number of people who need your particular gifts and talents, and when you focus outward, rather than inward, you’ll find that the Universe again responds with delivery.  What do you do best and what do you love most?  Find where those two intersect and you’ve more or less identified the best path to follow.  When you are in service to other people, other people will naturally be in service to you.  This “sweet spot” is where many people find that a new teacher or guide shows up and no scouting around for this person was required.

Finally, don’t worry about being perfect or trying to achieve perfection in your life or business!  There’s really no such thing, yet so many of us keep trying to grab that particular brass ring.  Your imperfections are the very reason you are wanting and needing a teacher, so ride that wave!  If you had all the answers and everything was always buttoned up exactly so, what need would you have to learn anything anyway?  Don’t be so focused on making sure that each day and everything in each day is exactly the way you think it should be.  You’ve probably heard, “Make the mess your message” but let’s take it one step further.  If you’re mess isn’t showing up clearly enough, how is your teacher going to find you?  The imperfections and all the things that are your current struggles are what allow you to be ready to learn new lessons.  So embrace where you are right now.  No striving for perfection allowed!

We live in a strange and wonderful world and the Universe definitely has a sense of humor.  Stay present, be of service and don’t worry about perfection and just see what shows up for you!  You never know who your teachers may be but one thing is for sure: if you let them, they will feed your soul and open up your world to all kinds of new and wonderful things.  And that can lead to great joy.

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