If you’re feeling stagnant, stuck or as if something is just off in your life, it may be time for a shift.  Notice I didn’t say change.

womanwithloveballoonShifting is more nuanced and can rearrange your boundaries, your patterns and your way of thinking and doing things.

Shifting is more about making a subtle or gentle change as opposed to big changes, which sometimes aren’t necessary and can frequently be too jarring.

Not sure that a gentle shift is going to be enough?

Let’s use heat and boiling water as an example. At two hundred and eleven degrees, you’ve just got really hot water.  At two hundred and twelve degrees, however, you’ve got boiling water.  With boiling water comes steam and with steam, you can power a locomotive.

In other words, just that one degree makes the difference between still water and having enough power to move a train.  Sometimes a shift is all you need.


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