I teach a lot about living in your “heart space” because it’s truly the best way to live.  When we live in our heart space, we come out of our heads and begin to feel what it is we feel, rather than think everything through.  Whereas our brains want to categorize and tell us whether  what we are feeling is either right or wrong, good or bad, our heart knows our deeper truths.  And, although living in your heart space isn’t always easy, it does make relationships easier, richer and more fulfilling.  Whether platonic or romantic, all relationships are better when the people involved are authentic and full of love.  Here are just a few things you will experience when you are in this kind of heart space relationship:

You’ll know when it’s right – one of the benefits of living in your heart space is that you’ll be able to tell when a relationship is right for you because you will feel it. Since you are coming from a place of authenticity and love, you are open to receiving the same in return.  As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, we attract according to the vibration we are radiating and truly living in your heart space is a high vibrational place to be.  You’ll know on a deep level when you are in a relationship that is good for you and you’ll also have the courage to walk away from those that don’t serve your highest good.  Your head can rationalize things until you are confused, but your heart will never lead you astray.

You’re free to speak your truth – a relationship between two people who are operating from their heart spaces will provide a deep security and trust that enables each person to speak and live their truth.  Living in truth becomes the standard so that judgment is suspended; creating a space where needs to be said can be expressed, without fear of recrimination from the other person.  Feelings, thoughts and opinions are respected and embraced since the heart knows nothing but love and acceptance.  Sentiments are shared in kind and thoughtful ways when a relationship involves people who are living in their heart space.

You don’t lose yourself – In any relationship, it can be easy to lose yourself as you begin to bond your life with another person.  As romantic as, “I don’t know where you end and I start” can sound, the reality is, healthy relationships are made up of two people who are complete in themselves.  Approaching relationships from that deep place of heart love will help ensure that you draw appropriate boundaries… boundaries that are important to you.  When you know, love and respect yourself, other people sense this and will treat you accordingly.  There is always the freedom to do and be exactly who you are, and individuality is cherished for how it enhances the relationship.

Living in your heart space gives you a sense of strength and surety because you are deeply in tune with who you are and the very essence of your being in the most genuine way possible.  When you are sure of you, love flows freely, and you feel worthy to be loved in return.  It’s from the infinite space of the heart that meaningful and magical relationships manifest and bloom.

© 2012 MarBeth Dunn all rights reserved

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