If you’re noticing that your life is dull, and you feel like it’s on auto pilot, you may be living from your head, rather than your heart.  It’s not your fault… Chances are you were raised to believe life had to fit into a logical paradigm, an x + y= z, cause equals effect world. And, from a logical standpoint, it’s true.

On the other hand, if you want a life filled with joy, operating  from your rational mind  just won’t cut it.  Joy is accessed from your heart space.  I’m not talking about the physical organ that pumps life through your body, rather the energetic area around your heart.  It’s been shown that the magnetic field of the  heart is 5,000 times more powerful than that of your brain.  (and we thought the brain was running the show!)

The heart space is the spiritual control tower for the amazing creation that is you.  When you are still, and allowing your awareness to rest in this sacred space, miracles can happen, especially when you give your  heart full rein. Your life will begin to shift and you will be in closer alignment with Source. This, as you may imagine, can lead you down a very different path than you originally might have taken, but one with infinitely more joy.

Take for example, my guest on this Sunday’s Joy Strategies Radio (9PM EST, 6PM PST), Deborah Poneman, founder of Yes to Success Seminars and pioneer in the New Thought movement, and host of the telesummit series New Transformation Strategies. Our topic is “Flowing in the River of Grace.”

Debra Poneman studied at the feet of the great master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and taught meditation to hundreds of people, before launching her internationally known Yes to Success Seminar Company.  Based on the teachings of Emmett Fox and

Debra Poneman

Napoleon Hill, her seminars were taught in dozens of US cities and in seven countries around the world.  Among her students were Deepak Chopra, (who attended several of her seminars before publishing his first book), Marci Shimoff (best selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and Happy for No Reason), and Janet Atwood, best selling author of The Passion Test.

Then, at the peak of her career in 1988 with a book deal in hand, an infomercial running in thirty-two markets, and negotiations underway for her own national TV talk show, Debra gave it all up when she realized she had a greater passion.  She  followed her heart and disappeared from the public eye for, 25 years!

Now Debra is back to share her story, and to once again share the reality of how true and lasting success, joy and happiness can be lived by every one of us.

When:         Sunday, May 6th

Time:          9PM EST; 6PM PST

Where:      Click Here (http://bit.ly/IPsnFm)

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