Super silo 2Your body is wise to the ways of the world and tapping into its Wisdom is almost like having a super power.

How well are you listening to your body?

Body wisdom should never be ignored yet so many people frequently do.

Try this for a moment.  Close your eyes and think of the last time you made a decision where the outcome wasn’t positive.

How did you physically feel when you were making that decision?  Did you experience queasiness in your stomach, sweating palms or another physical indicator that you might be making the wrong decision?

Now remember a time when you made a really good decision and do the same exercise.  What is your body memory?

Your body is a finely tuned machine and assesses situations more quickly and accurately than your minds does.

Your mind will analyze, justify, rationalize and, almost always give way to emotions first and logic after.

Your body, on the other hand, knows instantaneously whether you’re making a good decision.

When you listen what your body is saying, and use that information, along with what your mind is telling you, you will have an incredibly strong and powerful decision making process.

Don’t just think things through, feel them.


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