3 Secrets to Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

Want more money? Love? The “Law of Attraction” offers that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is something most of us have heard of, yet may have some uncertainty about how it works or how to use it. Here’s a quick synopsis…

1.  Take Inspired Action: One of the misconceptions about the Law of Attraction is that sitting around and thinking about what you want will make it happen.  It doesn’t work that way.  You must be clear about what you want, and then develop a certain, positive energy around it.  Let’s say that you want to go a Mediterranean cruise. You make your intention clear; this is what you want with certainty.  Next, you create positive energy around this desire, which will open you to possibilities and opportunities that are in alignment with making this happen.  Then, act on what seems natural and what feels right.  That’s when you’ll notice magic starting to happen, and things start “conspiring” to help you realize your goal.  As you stay open to saying “yes” and take action steps that are “inspired”, your ultimate desire begins to manifest itself.  This inspired action is the Law of Attraction at work. On the other hand, lack of clarity and a belief that, “it will never happen”, puts out energy that will keep you energetically closed and out of an abundance mindset.  When this happens, you may be motivated to work hard to make that cruise happen but it will be difficult because you aren’t attracting anything, you are just chasing it down.  When you engage in inspired action, you trust that everything you need will come to you.

2. Get into vibrational alignment: Most everything we want in life is about the FEELING that comes from having that thing, rather than the thing itself.  We don’t want the car, we want the feeling that we get when we own and drive it.  When you start living “as if”, as if you already have or are doing what you want, you create a vibration that starts attracting what you want and you begin to look for proof that it already exists.  This creates an openness and willingness to see things in a new light, and you begin to trust your inner guidance and do things you may not normally do, and notice things you normally wouldn’t.  Everything really is energy so what you put out, you’ll get back.  Vibrating at a “higher level” or feeling as if what you want already exists, will allow you to attract those very things.  If you’ve read anything by Jerry and Esther Hicks, then you are familiar with Abraham.  Here is how he puts it: “As you imagine and visualize and verbalize your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience. A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality.” When your beliefs and desires are in alignment, reality isn’t far behind.

3. Get happy and everything else will fall into place – One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking they will be happy “when”.  When they get the job, partner, car, vacation, house etc, then they will be happy.  Studies have shown though, that people aren’t happy because they are successful, they are successful because they are happy!  When you are happy, you’re vibrating at a higher level and when that happens, you start attracting more of what you want because you are more of what you want.  You are feeling what you want to be feeling, regardless of your current circumstances.  It’s this combination of feeling and vibrating that higher level energy that will give you alignment and when you have alignment, you start taking inspired action rather than motivated action.  This enables you to start attracting what you want because you are in a constant state of joyfully receiving, which not coincidentally, attracts more of the same.

Staying happy, in alignment and taking inspired action all work together to bring or attract more of what you want in life.  When you learn how to do all three simultaneously, things can’t help but change for the better.  You can live the life you’ve always wanted to have!

© MarBeth Dunn 2020

3 Simple Secrets for Creating Money…

Money, money, MONEY!!  We think about it, dream about it, worry about it and plan for it.  It is the topic we can’t seem to get enough of and it is the subject that can quickly bring up a lot of emotion.  Although much has been written about manifesting money, the secret is, there really isn’t much of a secret about how to do it.  Following these core principles will manifest all the money you want and need BUT most people fail to act on these principles consistently, with enthusiasm.  I’ve outlined three steps to manifesting money and if you commit to putting these into practice, you will see a difference in your money situation!

1.  WHY – Know why you want the money and set clear intentions –don’t fall prey to generalities like these: “I want a lot of money”, “I’d have a great life with more money”That’s not specific enough.  It’s important to realize that it’s not the money you really want; after all, money is just dirty paper.  You must access the feeling of what the money will bring you.  For example, do you want to travel?  Then FEEL the feeling of excitement and wonder at discovering and experiencing new places.  Dreaming of that beautiful home so you can entertain?  Then FEEL the feeling of community and connection that the beautiful home will bring.  Do you see the difference?  Be specific about what you want the money to do for you or for the people in your life.  Set your intentions with complete clarity and commit to them.  I’ve noticed that most people fall into the trap of being passionate about manifesting money on days where they are “feeling it” and then lose enthusiasm depending on their circumstances or mood.  As long as you are unclear and uncommitted, your money will also be.  Money is energy like everything else, and what you put out is what you’ll get back.

2. VISUALIZE – Create a movie in your mind that you love playing over and over – Clearly visualize what you want and then paint that picture vividly in your mind.  Clarity and specificity are two big reasons that money starts to manifest so spend some time visualizing what it is you want.  Think of the house built for entertaining.  How many rooms does it have?  What does the outside look like, how big is the kitchen, does it have a pool?  Create something so clear and precise in your mind that you can pull it up, exactly like a scene from your favorite movie, any time you want.  Spend at least fifteen minutes a day meditating on that visual so that you can really SEE and FEEL yourself living in the movie in your head.

3.  ACT “AS IF” – this one can be a bit tricky for people.  One of the fastest ways to manifest money is to act as if it’s  already yours, or in other words, act as if you are already living the life that your money will provide.  You may not be able to run out and buy the big, entertaining home right this moment but what you can do is act as if it’s very near.  What would someone who is going to buy that home in the very near future do?  They might start cleaning out their current home, throwing things away that no longer serve them, organizing paper work (because someone who can afford that kind of home is also looking to hire a personal assistant) and improving their wardrobe so they have appropriate attire to wear for all their guests.  The question to ask yourself at any stage is, “What would someone who (makes a million dollars/owns a large home and entertains frequently/is super fit and healthy) do at this moment in this situation?”  This is acting “as if” and when you do this, you are aligning your internal beliefs with your external actions.  This creates vibrational harmony and the energy you are putting out starts matching what you are drawing back in.

Manifesting money is simple, yet most people don’t or won’t take the time and the discipline to follow these steps every day with passion and dedication.  But you are ready to start doing that now, aren’t you?  These 3 secrets will help jump start your money magnetism.  Remember, your money is out there waiting to find you!

© 2012 MarBeth Dunn

Create Your New Reality!

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Ever wonder how to create your life the way you want it? 

What if there was a magic key?

Whether you’d like to shed 20 pounds or attract the love of your life, here’s a handy primer to help you create the shift you want! 

In my video, I cover…

  • Buddhist chanting to attract the cause that creates the effect you desire.
  • The conscious state for being a miracle magnet
  • An easy formula for attracting what you desire

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