Get to the HEART of Developing Your Intuition…

Tapping into your intuition can be one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself,  yet, how often do you get get stuck in your head, believing  that logic could not possibly lead you astray? Although thinking things through rationally and logically is an effective strategy, science has proven that our intuition, those “gut feelings” we all have, can be incredibly accurate compasses when you are trying to decide what to do in your life and business.   If you would like to start living more powerfully, you’ll want to trust your intuition more, and that means getting to the heart of the matter…going into your “heart space to access your intuition”.

Ask and Wait –  Getting into your heart space means learning how to hear what your heart and spirit are saying to you.  It  also means being comfortable to trust your intuition rather than just logic.  And, just how exactly do you do that?  By asking and waiting – The easiest way to access your intuition is to start asking questions and waiting expectantly for the answers.  It’s amazing what your mind, body and spirit will tell you when you get quiet long enough to hear their feedback.  Not sure which direction to take in your career? Can’t decide whether or not to end a relationship?  Wondering if you should take that leap of faith and do X?  Ask yourself these questions and sit quietly trusting you will get the answers.  Your answers may not come immediately.  Just wait expectantly and it will come.  The more you do this, the more you will become accustomed to what  this feels like, and you’ll start to trust your intuition more.  You’ll also notice that the answers start to come more quickly and easily.

Travel light – when you are in your heart space, you should feel “light”.  If you’re feeling any heaviness or density at all around your heart, you can be certain you’ve got left over baggage.  Your heart space, when “healthy”, will feel like a comfortable place to be, and that’s because it’s where we connect to Source /God / The Universe.  If you’re experiencing any heaviness or density, feelings of hurt, pain, anger or bitterness might be taking up residence in your heart space.  These unresolved feelings can interfere with your ability to get answers.  When your heart space of light and wisdom is crowded by uncomfortable emotions, don’t repress them or push them away.   Start to love and accept them, so you can truly rely on your intuition when you need it.  Staying in a place of constant gratitude and appreciation is also important to get answers quickly and you’ll have the confidence you need to access your intuition.

Trust the bizarre – one of the most interesting things about making intuitive decisions is that very frequently, they don’t make a lot of sense! Logic tells us that everything should line up, make sense on paper and be rational and easily understood.  But intuition moves faster than that and it’s not uncommon for “gut decisions” to be more on target than “thinking” ones.  It is our subconscious processes  that enable us to make solid decisions that in the moment may sound a little sketchy.  Think of a time when you just got a gut feeling that you had to call a friend, even if you hadn’t heard from that friend in a while.  Or have you ever turned down something that looked good on paper or accepted an offer than in the logical realm seemed to maybe not be such a great deal?  We pull in so much more information than we realize and although our minds can’t keep up with it all, our heart space can.

Developing your intuition is incredibly powerful and the more you start to tap into it, the more you will find you rely on it.  Take some time to get into your heart space today and see for yourself!

© 2012 MarBeth Dunn

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