Businessman holding touchscreenI’ve heard this recently and just love it:  “Get your SHIFT together!”

Yes, it makes me laugh but I wonder if people understand just how powerful this statement is.

Most of the worry and strife you experience is because of your perception about things.

If thoughts become things and things become words and words become actions, then your particular perception (thought) is going to quickly move from your mind straight into a physical manifestation.  Since perception is reality, there you go!

If you want a different life, shift your perception from what appears to be reality. 

Your perception colors the language of the order you request from the universe, whether you like it or not.

Think you’ll never meet the man/woman of your dreams?  Feeling like your business will never be a success?

If you don’t believe they will happen, they won’t, because your beliefs create your perceptions.  Your perceptions that your special someone isn’t out there, that you don’t have what it takes to create a successful business will create that reality.

Shifting your perception creates a different vibration so that you’re putting that higher one out there and that will cause a different reality.  So stop already and get your shift together!


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