SandcastleThe July 4th holiday conjures up images of picnics, family, hamburgers and hot dogs for many people.  Does it for you?

Maybe you’re even seeing fireworks in your mind’s eye right now.  This holiday is typically a day set aside for fun, rest and relaxation.

The boundary on this particular holiday is clear; don’t work… Have fun!

Setting boundaries is always important but setting the boundary between work and play is extremely important.  It can, however, tend to be problematic for some people.

When you set a clear boundary in this area, (work is over here, play is over here), you give yourself permission to take a clean break from work and get out and enjoy your life!

You cannot underestimate the value of taking enough play time to maintain a sense of health and well-being.

You hear me talk a lot about exercises that help you get quiet but I’m not talking about breath work, meditation or any of that today.

Today, I want you to go play.  Play a yard game or a board game.  This week, don’t get quiet, get out there!

Go do something wild and crazy and fun.  Set a clear work boundary and take time to play.


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