beautiful girl enjoying the summer sunSummer is typically a time of travel, yet it is also a time for just taking it easy.

You may be planning an exotic adventure or maybe relaxing into a slower rhythm and returning to your favorite, “I can just sit here and do nothing” family spot.

Have you noticed that the long days of summer create many opportunities to relax and play, and shift you out of your regular routine gently and easily?  The days are longer, the days are warmer and there’s just a delicious feeling of ease and flow.

Leaving your routine can mean shifting your expectations of how things should be. I think that’s one of the reasons people tend to love summer so much.

Summer can feel mystical and magical, as if anything can happen! When you let go of expectations, things do start to happen almost as if by magic.

Releasing expectations gives you the gift of being open to whatever happens in the moment, and when you’re in the moment, you’re fully present.

It’s officially summer now, so be present, in the moment, and open up to new possibilities!


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