11You are a work in progress! You have your own unique curriculum handed to you by the Universe! Once you recognize this, you can begin to appreciate that everything in life is a blessing, even life’s challenges, since they are opportunities to grow and develop!

Get neutral!  Rather than attaching emotions to life’s events, and labeling them as good or bad, realize everything is as it should be.  This isn’t to say you shouldn’t get excited or sad about certain events, yet recognizing that you, and you only, assign emotions to circumstances, can help you live a life that is more fully balanced and joyful.

Try this exercise the next time life throws you a curve.  Instead of labeling it “bad”, say that it is simply, “less than ideal”.  You might prefer it to be different, but having circumstances that are less than ideal allows you to look at situations with greater power. You will find yourself less upset than if you viewed the situation as “bad”.  It is also easier to see the ‘blessings’ in every experience when you are neutral.

Holding and maintaining a neutral perspective is certainly easier said than done but once you get the hang of it and see how it can change your life, you’ll be hooked!


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