Conversations That Make A DifferenceToday, the kindle version of “Conversations that Make a Difference: Shift Your Beliefs to Get What You Want” hits Amazon’s virtual shelves. And guess what? My story is one of 38 stories that can transform your way of thinking!

Are you wondering, “What does this have to do with me?

Well, I have a favor to ask but first let this book description get you thinking…

“Are you aware that your beliefs can and will limit you or set you free? Belief is the strongest force in the universe yet it exists only in the mind. Look at your life. Are you physically fit and on top of your game? Financially, do you struggle to make ends meet? Emotionally are you prone to breakdowns, depression or feel like a failure? Spiritually are you numbed by the world; empty and void of the connections that feed your soul? Are you doing what you love, fueling your passions and fulfilling your purpose? Are you happy in your relationship with others?”

Did any of the questions above WAKE YOU UP or give you an
AHA MOMENT? If they did then “Conversations that Make a Difference: Shift Your Beliefs to Get What You Want” is a must have! This compelling page turner is filled with wisdom that creates the momentum needed to shift your beliefs to get what you want. It all begins and ends with the conversation you have with yourself that will make the difference.

It is our intention to take this book to the Best Seller List on Amazon as we officially launch the eBook.

So here’s the favor…

We have created a special three hour promotion

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
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Both audios are proven methods to help you create what you desire!

You will also receive my eBook 7 Steps to Get Unstuck and Unlock Your Joy!

7 steps to get unstuck




AND a free 15 minute consult with me to see what’s keeping you stuck and a step you can take to move forward.

These gifts are valued at $197.00.


Here are EVEN MORE free gifts:

Michele Penn, Co-author of Peace in the Present Moment with Eckart Tolle & Byron Kate, Award Winning photographer & Inspirational Speaker is offering you 3 FREE videos to take your Soul From Rags to Riches. Also included is a link to her free I Am Affirmations App and includes a teaching on the Law of Attraction.
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Lorane Gordon, inspirational speaker, author, radio host & coach, is offering 2 Ebooks. The first, a beautifully illustrated Happiness Quotes Book, filled with inspirational quotes AND her Happiness First Visualization book that clearly shows you how to visualize your dreams, goals and desires. Deepak Chopra said “Lorane Gordon is a teacher of infinite possibilities”. You’ll also receive a FREE 5 minute guided meditation that brings you into a Peace and Clarity, and You can take advantage of a FREE 25 min life coaching session. Valued at

Michael Jacobs, Mindfulness Coach and Meditation Trainer is offering his “Meditation for the Hustling Entrepreneur” Valued at $49.00

Don Milton, is an emotional freedom coach who uses a variety of cutting-edge techniques to quickly and effectively get to the core of the matter and empowers to have more peace, clarity, and joy. He is offering several training videos and PDF files Valued at $89.00

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Thank you for your love & support!

Love & Blessings,


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