There’s a lot of buzz these days about living your dream life, manifesting your dreams and turning your dreams into reality.  It all sounds great, so seductive really, but is it truly possible?  It is, if you know what to do and are willing to do it!  In fact, your dreams are just waiting for you to take the necessary steps so they become more than pictures in your head.  They are ready to work for you.  Are you ready to work for them?  And what exactly can you do to get started?

First, tune into your heart, and ask yourself whether you are living YOUR dream.  Dreams don’t come true when they are not authentic.   You can actually FEEL when a dream ignites your passion! People often set their sights on achieving their dreams, only to discover at some point, that the dreams they have been chasing are someone else’s dreams for them.  Although these dreams can still be brought to reality, when there is no true passion, it can be challenging to  accomplish the end goal.  When your dream is YOUR dream, however, there is natural passion and enthusiasm to keep going no matter what.  Equally important, your true gifts and talents are lending themselves to your quest, whereas a “false” dream may not be tapping into your greatest strengths.  Make sure you are chasing your dream.

Going after your dream can often be a significant emotional undertaking.  Therefore, accept and embrace being uncomfortable and define this as your new level of comfort.  When you fear failure or success, committing to making your dreams come true can be scary.  Yet, if you stop, quit or turn back every time you feel nervous, anxious or otherwise uncomfortable, you’ll diminish your chances of achieving dream success.  At such times, adages such as, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”, can be your best friend on your vision quest.

Dreaming and scheming are great, but if you don’t take action, NOTHING will happen. Make sure you continue moving towards your dream, no matter how insignificant the forward step may feel.  Taking action is a must!  As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”  Thinking, researching and planning without actually doing, won’t bring you closer to what you want.  Make sure follow through with action.  Meet your deadlines, make your connections and get those items checked off on your to do list. Procrastination may not prevent you from turning your dreams into reality but it will make the journey longer.

Finally, ENJOY your manifestation process.  That moment you realize your dreams have come true will be so much more joyous when you can look back and realize that you didn’t miss out on the beauty, wonder and excitement of traveling the road; not just reaching the pot of gold at the end.  You may also discover that the more fully engaged you are in the process, the more opportunities arise.   Happiness is all along the journey, so enjoy it.  Then, when you realize all your dreams have come true, you will appreciate it all the more since you’ve embraced the process of what it took to make that happen.

May you have sweet dreams!

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