Have you noticed that nothing will move you forward faster than focusing on what you desire?

It’s as if everything else fades away and all you can see is that “one thing”.  You have deep clarity on your vision or a goal, and you are committed to seeing it manifest. The magic recipe calls for holding the vision of what you desire. Period.

There is a caveat. Focus is very powerful. Holding a vision of what you wish to avoid will Archer who holds his bow aims at targetattract it!  Another common mistake is focusing on “how” your dream will be realized, rather than on “why” you want it.  It’s easy to get off track by creating anxiety around how it will happen; getting caught up in the details.  That can make you forget why getting something done was so important in the first place.  Keeping your intention on the why, will help you be more motivated to see something happen and naturally stay focused.

Several years ago, I was scheduled to teach a Law of Attraction seminar, and the day before, only two people were enrolled!  Dismayed, I told myself that if I couldn’t sign up at least 10 people, I’d better change businesses.  I had no idea how I was going to make that happen but I did know the “why”.  I had an important message to share.  Rather than focus on how I was going to enroll them, I simply saw in my mind’s eye, a seminar with ten people excited to work with me.  I saw and felt it as if it had already happened.  Sure enough, I showed up the next day to find ten happy, eager people.  The how is never as important as the why.  Stay focused on your why and watch magic start to happen.

I’ve found that one of the biggest barriers to focus is the inability to release resistance.  You may have noticed that when you are trying to focus on something in particular, everything else around you suddenly becomes a priority.  Phone calls you didn’t want to make, household chores you didn’t want to do, everything but the one thing you are supposed to be doing, seems to need your immediate attention.  This is simply procrastination and all procrastination is internal resistance.  To release resistance, ask yourself what the benefits are to achieving what you’ve been avoiding.  It may help to write down 10 or 15 benefits.  Reminding yourself of the benefits of reaching your goal may be enough to offset any resistance you’re feeling, so you can get back into action.  You can also re-frame any negative thoughts or feelings you’re having in the positive and with “I Am” statements.  Allow yourself to see and feel what you want to happen as if it has already happened.  Our subconscious can’t tell the difference between a dream and an actual event when we are feeling; it just knows that we are experiencing something that is making us feel really good. Raise your vibration even further through appreciation and gratitude for having already attained your goal. The higher you raise your vibrational frequency, the faster you will draw in what you desire.

The power of focus is undeniable. Focus on getting focused and watch the magic begin. The power is already inside of you!

© 2013 MarBeth Dunn – All rights reserved.

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