summer holiday dogYou know that feeling of excitement you have when you are on vacation?  What if I told you that you could experience that feeling every day?

Summer is a time where people travel to have pleasant and new experiences, yet it’s possible to have them regardless of time or location.

One of the things that makes a vacation so enjoyable is your conscious decision to not think about the everyday things and instead, focus on what you’re experiencing in the moment.

Deadlines, clients?  “Not right now, thank you.  I’m on vacation!  I’m having an experience!”

You can have an experience in your everyday life, and it doesn’t take much money, nor do you have to travel far.

What makes a vacation a vacation, is breaking the routine and removing yourself from your normal surroundings, and you can do this every day.

I have a friend who likes to go to the beach from exactly 4:00 to 6:00 pm once week to read non-work material.  She says she comes back from those two hours feeling as if she has taken several days off.

She changed her location and became totally engrossed in her reading. That’s all it took!

What can you do this week to get that vacation feeling?


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