“It was like…magic.”  We’ve all heard that phrase, maybe even said it a few times, and there is something so wonderful about things that seem magical.  Have you wished for more magic in your life and wonder how can you get it or get more of it?

It’s really not so hard to live a magical life.  Although people may explain it in many different ways, the way to get more magic into Aladdin's Magic Lampyour life is quite simple: you must be aligned with and connected to Spirit. When you are aligned and connected, things become much clearer and everything seems to fall into place seamlessly and without effort.  Why is that?  Because your alignment with Spirit insures that you are on point for living your purpose, and being connected means you’re receiving everything you need to achieve it.  Living in alignment and living out your purpose will take you to the place where you have a magical, fulfilled life. When you are aligned with Spirit, you are vibrating at a high level, and by the Law of Attraction will effortlessly attract everything you desire to live your purpose.

Ultimately, living on purpose is what will get you up every day with a fire in your belly and a passion to start the day and stay in your day.  This has, in recent years, been described as your “why” or the reason you do what you do every day.  Interestingly enough, that reason is never just about the work you’re doing as it’s so much bigger than that.  When your why is strong, it’s in all probability because you are in alignment with Spirit, in that sweet spot, where things seem to happen naturally and easily.  You will also feel more joy about the work you’re doing. You’re in “flow”, which is how author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes it in his book by the same name.  Hours can pass and you’re blissfully unaware of time flying by because you are singularly focused, singularly driven and completely in love with what you’re doing and the invisible support that’s around you.  You are in perfect alignment.

Conversely, it doesn’t take much mis-alignment to have it greatly impact your business or life. I was talking to a friend the other day as she described to me how she just felt a little “off” in her business.  She explained that she felt like the game at Cracker Barrel, where you put the golf tees in the wooden triangle but it never has all the holes filled.  “I feel like I’ve got 97% of those tees in the triangle but the 3% that are missing is just enough to make me feel like things aren’t right.  I don’t have the enthusiasm for my business that I normally do.”  After further conversation, we discovered that she hadn’t been writing enough; something she loves to do but has not been her main line of work (although it is a part of it).  I suggested she not change anything except start carving out more time to write and create her own material.  From there, she could reevaluate. The relief was palpable. Writing is a passion that needed to be included for her life vision to work 100%!

I’ve noticed that being in alignment is very much like being pregnant, you’re either are, or you’re not. “Almost” in alignment is still out of alignment, as my friend could sense, and out of alignment, even though it may be just the tiniest bit, blocks the flow of everything else.  Bringing more magic into your life is possible and very attainable if you take the time to pay attention to the feedback your heart, body and mind are giving you.  Listen to them very carefully because the answers are all there, just waiting for you!

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