Redhead girl with suitcase at tree's alley.Have you ever noticed the shift in energy that occurs when nature transitions into a new season?

As we’re shifting from spring into summer, we recognize that life, too has it’s seasons, beginnings and endings, as do all things in this life.

Each season, beginning and ending is a good and necessary component of the Circle of Life.

As the “I Ching” reminds us, after each ending is a new beginning.

Beginnings often bring with them a great deal of power, excitement and focus.

New beginnings give you a chance to recalculate, start over, or change your direction completely.

Beginning anything can be exhilarating and empowering.  Are there some new beginnings you would like to experience right now?

Take stock of what is going on in the key areas of your life.  Would you like to end some things so you can begin anew?

Are you stagnant in some areas that have already ended, yet you haven’t begun anything new?

The time may not have been right until now. Is this your time to begin anew?

Find a quiet place where you can check in with yourself and determine if there are opportunities for your new beginnings!


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