One of my friends asked me over lunch why I thought most people aren’t happy. “We’re guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, she said, sipping her tea, “Yet I’ve seen great numbers of people blocking their happiness without even realizing it.” I shared with her that in my practice, I’ve noticed that some of the primary bars to  happiness are “hidden losses”, events from the present or past, people may not even be aware of. These losses can impact people more than you woman facewould imagine, affecting  health, wealth, relationships and every aspect of  life.

How do you know whether “hidden losses” are sabotaging your happiness?

Your body loves you, and will always let you know when something isn’t right, so you can address it.  The first indicators that you may be experiencing hidden loss can be physical.  You may notice a clenching in your solar plexus, tension, aches, pains and ailments.  It can be challenging to feel happy when your body is urgently and forcefully telling you something is wrong. Are you experiencing erratic sleep patterns? (sleeping too much or not enough), high blood pressure or weight loss or gain?  There’s really no shortage of what can happen when your body is trying to communicate with you that something is off. So take some time and tune in to what your body is telling you. Find a quiet place  so you can hear the message.

Since hidden losses can be events that haven’t fully healed, it’s not unusual for people to think these events are no longer an issue, if they believe they’ve already released them. When not completely healed, however, the emotions associated with these events can take a large toll on your quest for happiness.

The loss of a loved one or a relationship, a loss of income or job/career or a move that required relocation, causing changes in your environment and relationships, can be events that you may not have dealt with, and healed fully. Other losses can include physical disability or illness, empty nest, loss of your self-respect, personal power, self-esteem, youth or beauty.  These common examples of hidden, emotional loss can affect you, and when not addressed, may impede your happiness.

Here is a 3 step way to release your hidden losses:

Meditate on (or remember) the event and see what comes up for you. Does it still carry a charge or feel uncomfortable?
Once you’ve remembered and acknowledged your loss, ask yourself whether you’re ready to let go.  It may sound strange but sometimes, you may just not be ready, and that’s okay.

If you you are ready to let it go, allow yourself to feel your feelings.  Where are you holding this emotional energy in your body? Is there a heaviness in your chest? A knot in your solar plexus?  A tightness in your throat? Feeling your feelings completely allows you to heal them, releasing the discomfort and charge.

Happiness is yours for the asking.  Do the work to identify and then close the door on your past and hidden losses, so you can experience a joy filled life like never before!

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