A man looks holiday fireworksDid you get a chance to see any fireworks over the 4th of July week?  Aren’t they beautiful?

You may be familiar with these lyrics from the Katy Perry song, “Baby, you’re a firework.  Come on, show them what you’re worth.”

You are a firework so don’t forget that!  Just like fireworks light up the sky and make people go, “Oooohhhhhh”, you do too.

There is something inherent in you that is light and energy and that brightens things up and other people see that.

The thing to keep in mind is that you need to see that.  You have that kind of beauty and power.

Practicing “I AM” statements is a great way to remind yourself of the power and the beauty you already have within you.

Your greatness isn’t “out there”, which is why you don’t want to speak in future terms.  Instead of “I will be happy and healthy”, say, “I AM happy and healthy.”

Change “I will be a home owner” to “I AM a homeowner”.

Your inner fireworks are just waiting to be turned loose so they can explode and show their brilliance.

So take a deep breath and say, “I AM a firework!”

© 2013 MarBeth Dunn and Destination Empowerment, Inc. all rights reserved

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