There was once a woodcutter who met a man meditating in the woods.  The woodcutter asked what the man was doing.

“I’m discovering where the riches are,” was the reply.  “Please join me.”

The woodcutter hurried into the forest and discovered a pile of silver. path in the woods

The next day, he saw the same man and was again told, “I’m discovering where the riches are.  Please join me.”

The woodcutter ran through the forest and found a pile of gold. “I’m discovering the riches!” he thought.

On the third day, he returned to the forest and the meditating man repeated the same phrase.

This time, the woodcutter discovered a diamond mine.  He now had enough riches to last a lifetime.  It wasn’t long however, before the woodcutter realized that even though he was rich, he still felt like something was missing.

He returned to the woods and found the meditating man.  “You say you’re discovering where the riches are,” he said to the sage, “yet I haven’t seen you take anything out of the forest.”  The sage looked at him and replied, “That’s because the riches are all within me.  Discovering yourself is the quickest way to riches.”

Have you discovered your riches yet?


© 2013 – MarBeth Dunn – all rights reserved

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