the-magic-art-of-letting-go-300x225Letting go can be tough, yet it is often very positive.  In fact, letting go can be an act of courage and trust.

When you are courageous enough to let go of people, places or things, you are putting a message out to the Universe that you are in alignment with what is going on in your life and that is very powerful.

Your not fighting against the natural rhythm of things is a hallmark of enlightenment and a deeper awareness of how things work.

Letting go sends a message out that says you believe that all is as it should be and you embrace it. It demonstrates trust in your alignment with life’s ending.

Letting go with courage and trust keeps you in a high vibrational frequency as shifts occur, thus you will benefit by embracing the changes that take place.

It’s okay to grieve when things come to an end. It’s normal and you don’t want to stuff your feelings.

By gracefully letting go and knowing that if something is coming to an end, it has to be in your highest and best interest, you will continue moving forward, rather than staying stuck.

Moving forward will eventually bring joy.


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