Augen starren durch PapierlochFear can stop you in your tracks, yet it can also be a way of receiving messages from your Body Wisdom.

The key to navigating through life with more ease is to understand, and then harness your fear.

As FDR famously quoted, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Often that feeling of fear is an indicator that your Higher Self is trying to communicate with you, and that fear feeling is a big reminder to listen.

Do you ever confuse genuine fear, which shows up when there is real danger, with assumed fear, which shows up when there is perceived danger?

If you’re taking a walk when a rabid dog comes rushing at you, your body will immediately register fear, because there is a very real danger heading straight for you!  There’s not a lot to analyze.  That danger is real.

On the other hand, imagine you’ve been offered the keynote speaker slot for a big conference and you want to do it, but are flooded with fear.

That is a perceived fear since speaking to an audience isn’t really dangerous.

Your body is telling you to build your confidence and self-esteem, and to focus on your message, so that you feel comfortable performing in front of this audience.

You can harness the fear into creating a more powerful presentation.

When you learn how to harness your fear, you’ll be more empowered and confident.


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