Today is tax day and if you paid taxes, be grateful because that means you made money!

Staying in gratitude, even when you’re not feeling particularly grateful for something, is the quickest way to raising your vibrational frequency, and raising your vibrational level is the quickest way to start attracting plenty of really great things!

While it’s easy to be grateful for the “good” things that happen,  being grateful for the things that don’t seem to be so good in the moment can be more challenging.  However, just like the example of taxes, you can train yourself to be grateful in every situation. It’s just a matter of choosing to see things a little differently!

Need to lose a little weight?  Be grateful you have plenty to eat.  Have to clean your house?  How fortunate you are to not have to worry about shelter.

Maybe you’ve noticed there seem to be people in life who just attract good things consistently.  You can bet your bottom dollar that these people live in a constant state of gratitude because this is just a universal law.

The more grateful you are for what you currently have, the more people, places and things will show up to keep the gratitude flow going.

© 2013 – MarBeth Dunn – All rights reserved

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