Stress is a normal part of life and “good stress” can be a motivator. However, you never want to have stress take over your life so much that it starts to cause health problems.

Studies have shown that stress has terrible effects on your physical health so make sure to take time to engage in activities that will bring your stress level down.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or even take a significant amount of time to do.  Doing simple things such as sitting quietly and just being aware of your heartbeat and breath for as little as ten minutes will have a calming effect.

Feeling too “punchy” to be calm?  Try doing some kind of physical activity you find fun.  Dance, play a sport, go for a run or walk.  Physical play is a great way to combat stress.

Whether you feel the need to get calm or burn off some steam, the important thing is to just do it.  Often when we’re feeling stressed, the last thing we want to do is engage in some of these activities.  Try to do it anyway.  You’ll feel much better afterwards and your future health depends on it!


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