Manifesting an AngelIt’s very powerful to extend forgiveness, especially when you recognize that forgiveness always benefits you.

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you are saying what they did is okay.  you are actually releasing the negative emotions you’ve been holding about the person and the situation.

Until you do, though, you’ll be energetically attached to them, and they will hold power over you.

It can be so difficult to forgive and let go.

It can sometimes feel that holding onto the anger means that you are taking a stand, and hurting them back, although that’s never the case.

Fortunately, when forgiving becomes too difficult to do alone, we have help.

Your angels, spirit guides and Source are all ready to help you with forgiveness.

Why?  Because harboring negative emotions doesn’t serve you and will keep you from living your best life.

If you’re having difficulty letting the emotions and bad memories go, ask for help and guidance!

Let this help come to you so you can release what you’re feeling. Don’t let these feelings of unforgiveness hold you back.

You can ask for assistance in reframing the situation.  It’s rare that a dark cloud doesn’t have a silver lining, so ask for help in seeing the other side!


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