by MarBeth Dunn

Aligning with Spirit...  When you’re feeling really good and you’re vibrating at a high frequency, it’s easy to slip into a place of effortless creation. Many years ago in Haiti, my vibration was so high and I was in such perfect alignment with Source Energy that everything I needed manifested effortlessly. Spirit and I were co-creating, and I allowed myself to be guided. If I needed something, it would appear. Cars, money showed up whenever I felt I needed them.

I had just reaffirmed my marriage vows with my former husband, when a friend of mine said, “You two should do something spiritual for yourselves.” In a burst of generosity, she handed me her credit card (I didn’t have one at the time) and the Omega Institute catalogue. We drove down to the telephone office, called and booked A Course in Miracles workshop. I never questioned for even a moment where the money would come from to pay for this trip to upstate New York. I was in tune with Spirit, vibrating at a high frequency, in a state of complete trust and allowance, it never even crossed my mind.

Shortly thereafter, a couple appeared on the doorstep of my country home from France to ask me to design a set of non-exclusive colored note cards. Not only did they cover all expenses for our trip to Omega, the money they paid me covered an additional 2,000 packages of color note cards for me to sell.

When you are vibrating at a high frequency, Synchronicities happen as a matter of course. It’s all part of being in the flow.

Miracles are frequent natural occurrences unless you have blocked them with your emotional baggage, limiting beliefs and energetic obstacles. When you can release these impediments and become aligned with Spirit and your Inner Purpose, your life can and will flow easily and abundantly.

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MarBeth Dunn, the Joy to Abundance Strategist is an author, speaker, President of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce, coach, mentor, TV Happiness Expert, and host of Having It ALL with MarBeth on the Law of Attraction Radio Network. Her inspiring work has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, The CW in San Diego. She is a regular guest on Good Morning Florida Keys.

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