A woman once found herself watching a butterfly struggling to emerge from its cocoon.  After several moments of silent observation, she felt sorry for the butterfly and decided to help it along.  After she had gently pulled apart the cocoon, she sat back to watch the emergence of the beautiful creature.

You can imagine her dismay when the butterfly continued to struggle for several more minutes and then seemingly gave up.  She waited and waited and finally, the butterfly emerged…with crippled legs and shriveled wings.  In her kindness to help the butterfly with its struggle, she had denied it of its muscle-building power.

To have the strength and power needed to live its life, the butterfly also needed the struggle of the emerging process. Struggle was what made its wings and legs strong and without it, the butterfly wasn’t as strong as it could have been.

Are you tired of your struggle and the discomfort of your ‘growth opportunities’? Just remember the butterfly. Your struggle builds your muscles, and makes you strong.  The struggle builds your inner fiber, and helps empower you.


© 2013 MarBeth Dunn – all rights reserved

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