Gulf Fritillary butterfly (Agraulis vanillae) on buttonbushEverything in your life is a gift. Adversity is your opportunity to strengthen your resolve and grow grander, and fly free… like the butterfly!

It’s an amazing and complex process for a caterpillar to become a butterfly that involves spinning itself into a cocoon, digesting itself, (except for imaginal disks for the body parts necessary for its transformation), and finally emerging triumphantly from its cocoon as a magnificent creature.

I once heard a story of a kind hearted woman who noticed a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. As she watched the tiny creature struggling to break free from its prison, compassion welled up in her heart. She decided to help.  Delicately cutting the cocoon away from its body, she watched in wonder as he emerged, and attempted to expand his wings and stand on his fragile legs. Alas, her wonder became despair as the butterfly was weak and feeble and unable to fly. He died shortly after emerging from his cocoon.

Butterflies need to build their strength in their efforts emerging from the cocoon. Without struggle they cannot fly! Your struggles are a gift to build your strength so you can emerge victorious!

Attitude is everything. It’s easy to blame circumstances and other people when the going gets rough. However, you will have missed the most important point. The struggles, challenges and the trauma that you may be experiencing are but lessons and as you overcome these lessons, you will grow in strength.
I know that sometimes struggle can seem overwhelming. Mercifully, we have helpers, such as the Holy Spirit, the Universe, our angels and our guides that we can call on anytime to assist us.

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This was an excerpt from my upcoming book, where I will be explaining -among others- how our guides and angels can be of assistance in time of adversity.

I love this proverbial butterfly story – it’s an excellent reminder that there has to be struggle before we manage to transform into what we really are. So don’t be afraid of adversity.



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