Did you know that we are in a period of great awakenings?  

We’re moving into a new age of heightened awareness and enlightenment, with Feminine Energy leading the way.  With the pendulum swinging back from the past few thousand years of masculine power, more and more people are awakening from the old paradigm, allowing their intuition and other feminine powers to resurface!

With awakening, comes a different kind of power and there has never been a better time to Earthfully step into yours; a power that is supported and impacted by the Universe!

While it is significant that the Divine Feminine is leading the way into a new way of being, this isn’t an article about women’s liberation!  It is of note, however, that the women’s lib movement, back in the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s was an important wake-call to attract people’s attention and herald this new age.  The power of the Divine Feminine,  isn’t loud and forceful, rather, it is intuitive and harmonious. The Divine Feminine moves us from a spirit of competition into one of collaboration. I have, in fact, noticed more and more people and businesses embracing this non-competitive, yet highly effective strategy with great success.

In case you’re not convinced that collaboration creates a powerful environment, let’s take a look at our physical bodies:

All the cells in our body work together or collaborate to keep us healthy and operating efficiently.  If you have ever studied any kind of cellular science, you know that not only do the cells in our bodies collaborate so that we are the physical wonders that we are; they energetically and passionately collaborate to keep out unwanted and harmful invaders!  Since everything can be broken down to a cellular level, the very core of who we are is ninety-nine percent energy and one percent matter, which means we are essential nothing but energy and potential!  The Divine Feminine embraces collaboration, intuition and drops us from our heads to our hearts, which means that decisions are made on a very deep, profound level, creating powerful outcomes!

Thus, the access to the Divine Feminine power is right within your heart! Living from your heart, you are powerful beyond measure, since you are connected to the Creator, God, Source, the Universe, Spirit, (whatever you feel comfortable calling It!) with access to all the light, love and energy of our Source.  This Divine power is not overbearing or aggressive. On the contrary, it is a power to make choices and decisions based on love and intuition.  This is the shift that we have all been experiencing and it is powerful indeed.

The best part is that when both the masculine and feminine within each of us work together and we are aligned in our hearts with Spirit, we are truly powerful in ways that are great and good.  We have power in our thoughts, or conscious mind (masculine), that combined with the power of our hearts and intuition, creates a harmonious blend of the best of both worlds working together for your greater good.  Now, that’s powerful!

2013 is a powerful year, in a powerful time, and we have the fortunate advantage to be living, working, loving and giving.  Now is the perfect time to be the person you’ve always wanted to be – the person you were always meant to be.  Embrace your power now!

© 2013 MarBeth Dunn – all rights reserved

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