??????????????????I found myself thinking the other day about how far I’ve come from being the powerless victim of circumstances of my long ago past. Had anyone told me then that most of my suffering was only in my mind, I would have refused to believe it. I didn’t know then that I could choose different thoughts, or that I could shift my perceptions to see things differently. I didn’t know I could stay in the present.

If you are feeling tense, anxious or if things just seem “not right”, take a moment to get really present and ask yourself if right now, in this exact place in time, if you have everything you need.

Not need for tomorrow or next week or even at the end of the day but right now.  Do you have exactly what you need right now?  In most instances, you’ll find that the answer is yes.

Most of your suffering is created by remembering unpleasant events in the past (that you are concerned might be repeated) or worrying about the future.   There are very few times when you are fully present and living in the moment that things aren’t as they should be in that moment…and that everything is fine.

The next time you’re feeling anxious about your circumstances, take a deep breath and become aware of what you need and what is happening that very moment.  Chances are, you’ll realize you are fine so don’t borrow trouble from the future or bring it back up from the past.


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