Cybercrime - laptop PC crashI love all the miracles that are constantly overflowing in my life.

Last week I was almost finished editing my radio show. I was when I was interrupted by a friend needing my assistance. I neglected to save my audio file, and, wouldn’t you know, the next thing I saw on my screen was the ‘spin of death’, signaling the waste of the three hours I spent editing the interview. My heart sank.

It wasn’t the first time I had forgotten to save my file. In the past I’ve lost hours of work, and although my program says it will restore lost files,  I’ve never seen it happen. When the program jams my files are always lost.

My friend said, “MarBeth, you work with energy. Maybe you can salvage your audio.”

It was a good thought, and I’m always open to possibilities. I directed my energy back in time to when I was editing the audio and then restarted the program.   I watched as one by one, my files came up on my screen, stacked one behind the other,  each with a small pop-up window, indicating an error in the audios retrieval, leaving me no option but to press OK.

When I pressed “OK” everything on the audio file vanished.
One by one, I watched audio after audio file disappear. The data was there, but when I pressed “OK”,  it vanished.
“Oh man! Three hours work down the drain!” I thought.

You can imagine my delight and gratitude that the last file, the only file I needed,  didn’t have a pop-up window. It was sitting there on my screen in all its glory, as though nothing had ever happened.

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