Dr Demartini 'Behind the Curtain' with MarBeth Dunn

Dr Demartini ‘Behind the Curtain’ with MarBeth Dunn

Remember Dr. John Demartini from the runaway hit movie, The Secret? He is a former Chiropractor, and current American researcher, best selling author, international educator and public speaker on human behavior.

Catch my powerful interview with this living legend on http://is.gd/haveitall. It’s chocked full of strategies and tips to take your life to the next level. I was taking notes, myself!

We all possess a vast hidden treasure and the ability to do something truly inspiring and extraordinary with our lives, yet we rarely give ourselves full permission to take truly extraordinary and courageous actions that will reveal and fulfill our most inspiring dreams, make our indelible marks or leave our legacies.

Since we often allow outside influences to dictate our decisions, we undermine our ability to fully express our unique talents and potentials. We also all want to be loved and appreciated for who we truly are.

Dr. Demartini will share how you can access the vast hidden treasure you have within. By discovering and unlocking the treasure chest of our hidden assets, we can awaken our most authentic and lovable selves and access our great and amazing reservoir of hidden wealth.

Have you signed up yet for your exclusive ‘Behind the Curtain’ experience at www.marbethonloaradio.com? Our next LIVE call is Wednesday, May 28th with Dianne Bischoff James, Midlife Reinvention Maven at 4:30 pm Eastern.

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