Angel healing energyDo you blame yourself for getting into situations where you’ve been hurt?  Many people do. I did! Then I learned how important it is to forgive other people, and how especially important it was to forgive myself. That was the hardest part.

It can be especially difficult to forgive people you feel have abused you. Yet I’ve learned that we’ve created contracts with people before we are born, as part of our curriculum in the school of life… even the people who abused us!

You see, about 35 years after he had passed away, my father came to me during a meditation. I was amazed to find myself embraced by the purest, most blissfully beautiful love I had ever experienced. A blanket of pure, unconditional love. I was shocked because this man had been so abusive and uncaring during my childhood. When my father told me that he’d always loved me, and would always love me, tears slid down my cheeks. I could feel the truth. He said that we had contracted to have the interactions and play the roles we had for our own growth and development. I realized how much love went into his ‘playing’ the character he had’ and how his being abusive in this lifetime, came from a place of love.

There is always another way of looking at life. It can be so easy to focus on the bad things that happen to you, and all the misery that you’ve suffered, that you can forget you have choices and not realize there is a way out. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you have choices? You can choose to be hurt, or to rise above your circumstances and see things from a fresh perspective.

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