Redhead girl with suitcase at tree's alley.Have you taken your summer vacation yet?

Summer is always such a great time to pack up your bags and hit the open road.

One thing I know to be true as an experienced traveler, take as little baggage as possible!

Light loads tend to make for easier, more enjoyable vacations.

When you aren’t worried about where your things may or may not be, the trip is always less stressful.

The surest way to keep track of everything you brought with you is to make sure you don’t bring too much.

As you travel through life, as well, don’t get bogged down or preoccupied with your belongings, if you want to enjoy your journey.

Lighten your baggage, literally and figuratively!

You will find life flowing more easily when you keep a vigilant watch on what you’re carrying around with you.

Just as you wouldn’t carry unnecessary items when traveling, be sure to let go of all your unnecessary emotional items when you travel through life, as they will also slow you down!

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