happy kid playing with colorful blocks isolatedHave you ever watched a child build something with blocks?  They get very focused and add and remove blocks with great care.

They intuitively know when a certain block isn’t going to work with the vision they have in their head.  They’ll add in a block, study it and then remove it if it doesn’t feel right.

Following that example is a great way to ensure that your life is the best it can be.

Remove the blocks that don’t serve you or the vision you have for your life.

It’s extremely difficult to vibrate at a high level, be of complete service to others and make decisions that are in your best and highest interest when you have a variety of blocks holding you back.

Blocks show up in many different forms but the most common are shame, guilt, fear, worry, doubt and anger.

Close your eyes for a moment and see through the eyes of your inner child.

If you were building something that fit the very best vision you have for your life, would you choose any of those blocks?  Of course not!

The next time you feel one of those feelings, visualize yourself removing that block from your “structure”.

That’s the beginning of the road to joyful abundance.

©2013 – MarBeth Dunn and Destination Empowerment, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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