Gratitude and JoyWe’re into the third week of the new year already so how are things going for you?

Are you finding life happening quickly and easily or does it feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle?

I remember growing up, trying to please my family by doing things that didn’t feel good to me. It wasn’t right for me to live according to their rules. What about you? Are you living your authentic life?  Living, working and playing in authenticity is the key to having things go your way.  Life tends to fall into place with doors of opportunity opening consistently when you are who you are meant to be instead of a poor imitation of someone else.

As you go about your week, ask yourself these key questions to determine if you’re living authentically.  “Am I doing what I want to do or what other people expect from me?”  “Am I making this decision from fullness and love or from scarcity and fear?”  “If time and money were no object, would I say yes to this decision?”

Staying on track and being authentic can take awhile to get used to since most of us have been programmed to do what it expected or what will gain approval from others.  That, however, is not living YOUR truth. By not being authentic you sidestep your path to joy and fulfillment.

Who do you know yourself to be?  Use this as a basis for your all your decisions and great things will start to happen.

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