Happy Senior Couple on the Bow of a Sail BoatMy friend Patty just ended another promising relationship. It seems that every time she gets close to someone, something happens. She says or does something to push her partner away. He reacts. It escalates. It’s over.

Patty’s been protecting herself.

It can be very scary to move into a new relationship after a painful breakup. You may have a massive fear of getting too close and being hurt again. That’s when your subconscious kicks in. You’ll hear yourself saying something tactless or unkind to drive a wedge between you, so you can feel safer and more comfortable. Or you’ll find yourself focusing on everything WRONG, and turn yourself off to someone nice.

Although your subconscious wants only to protect and help you, it can keep you from the things you want most!

You want success, but you do silly, stupid things to undermine your work.

You want money, but emergencies show up when you have extra cash.

You want to be slim and fit, but you can’t stay away from the chocolate cake.

A good way to figure out why you’re sabotaging yourself is to look at all the different areas of your life and ask yourself, “How would I like this to look? And what are my beliefs that are keeping this from happening?”

Take a moment and look at how you are functioning in all the different areas of your life.

Look at your relationships, for example. Write down any issues you may be having.
You might find that you have feelings of fear that if somebody knows you, they’re going to leave you, “If they really knew who I was, they might leave me.” Or “I’m not lovable.” Or “I’m just too afraid of being rejected”.

Those self-limiting beliefs are not difficult to release. The key is to notice them and be aware of them in action. Then you’re on the way to freedom!

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