Girl holding a golden retriever pupBeing aware is incredibly powerful. When you are fully present with what’s going on around you, for you and inside of you, you can accomplish great things.

It doesn’t require anything fancy to be aware.  Noticing what you are experiencing through your senses, will always bring you into the present.

What are you seeing? What are you feeling on your skin? Inside your body? What sounds are in the background? What smells are wafting by?

People with a high level of awareness will often tell you it didn’t happen over night.  They honed that skill and then made an ongoing effort to pay attention to both external and internal feedback.

Practice more awareness by being fully present at work. Be fully aware of what you are doing, how its making you feel and what you’re experiencing.

Be fully present with other people.  Don’t go through every day on autopilot or like a robot, simply reacting to your life.

Decide that you’re going to become more aware of what you’re doing each day, all day.

It may be challenging at first but as you commit yourself to being more aware, you’ll notice that it will become easier to do.

You’ll find that the greatest gifts of awareness are greater joy and presence.


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